Thursday, January 26, 2012

'Thunderous' .ca domain sale at DNS

From time to time I like to check in at to see what domains they are getting inquiries on, the price quotes DNS is sending back, and the list of domains that end up selling.  It is actually getting quite addictive when you get to follow through the whole sales process on so many domains.

I also like to check for action on .ca domains, because DNS does own some .ca's.

One .ca sale that popped up on Jan 20 was for under $3,000.  My first thought with this domain was that maybe a Bruce Springsteen fan bought it in honor of his famous song, but the webpage right now for it shows a car care centre with a nice picture of an old black Mustang.

Another .ca domain sold on Jan 24, this one was  The selling price range was listed as N/A, but good loan financial keywords usually go for a good price.

DNS has sold some other interesting names in the last few days, including:

Does anyone know if DNS only sells Name Administration domains, or do they sell domains for other owners on their parking platform too?


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