Monday, January 16, 2012 sells for Six Figures at DNS Marketplace

From time to time I check the domain sales posted at, and tonight I noticed that there was a big sale on January 15. - sold for $100,000 to $150,000

It looks like this domain sold last October for $7,601 so that is a fantastic return for the seller.  Not many investments you could have made in the last three months that would have given that percent gain!

there was another large sale today, Jan 16: - sold for $50,000 to $100,000

DNS only gives a selling price range, not the actual price, however it is still valuable information if you are trying to gauge the domain market.  Most of the sales right now are listed as taking place at Sedo or the DNS site.  Domains sold at Sedo would have the actual price reported at Sedo.  Also, if the and sales get reported to DNJournal, we may see an exact price for each.

DNS is an interesting site because you literally get to see the whole domain selling filter system, from inquiry, to price quote given, to a final sale or not.  So far I've seen several names get inquiries, quotes and sales every day, so there is always something new to see.  Most domains seeing action are .com's, but you will also see other extensions like .ca, .net, .org, .es,, .biz, and .tv from time to time.  A recent change to the site put the domains sold section in the center of the page near the top, which was a good move.  The comments section where many people are trying to sell their own domains was moved down the page, also a good change!

About the two sold domains themselves?  I'm not surprised to see them sell for the prices they did, for the following reasons. speaks for itself and will give the new owner an intuitive name for that market and likely some type-in traffic. is a highly brandable domain name.  Take any good or great keyword and put 'zone', 'web', 'world' or 'space' after it, for example, and chances are it's now a highly brandable term and has value in the .com extension.

I recommend checking in at DNS regularly as one tool to monitor the health of the domain name market.



  1. Petzone is amazing. Do you have more information about buyer, seller or something?

    1. There is a 'coming soon' page on the domain right now. You can check to see who is the owner, but I don't know if the transfer is complete yet or not. If anyone else knows more about the sale please comment here.

  2. A good guess would be
    Just go to Google and see who has a longer name that could benefit from truncation
    Forget everything you know about name value-- Truncation is the #1 reason to buy and day, after day, sale after sale- the proven key to DNS success:


Thank you!