Wednesday, December 14, 2011 Passes 50,000 Page Views

I just finished posting about today's .ca domain drops and then went to check my stats, which I don't often do.  Lo and behold, has passed the 50,000 lifetime page views mark.  Not a bad accomplishment for a blog that mostly focuses on a relatively small country code extension!

Funny thing is, I just read recently that a larger domain blog,, gets about 50,000 page views per month.  I am sure there are other domain blogs that do the same or better.  Many of them cover all domain topics under the sun on a regular basis and do an excellent job of it.  Along with Elliot's blog, I usually check in to, and

The reason I started this blog was mainly for myself, to track the ups and downs of the .ca market over time and provide some news about it in one place.  There wasn't any other blog regularly covering .ca at the time.  My posting this year has been a bit sporadic due to a busy work schedule and, in my opinion, a slower year than usual in news for .ca.  But I still try to cover when anything big happens for .ca, and the larger sales that get reported.

So thanks to all who check in once and a while and helped us get to 50,000.  I hope to still be here for another 50,000 page views covering my favorite domain extension!


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