Saturday, June 18, 2011 Registrar launches Affiliate Program

Do you have Canadian web traffic? is a domain registrar based in Ontario, Canada.  They offer domain registration, web hosting, .ca drop catching, minisites, and templates.

Their affiliate program has been in beta testing but I just got an email notice today that the program has launched.  Visitors you send to the site are tracked via affiliate link, which is normal for affiliate programs, but they also track your visitors through coupon codes.  Everyone loves using coupons these days so it's a nice feature to have.

To find out more info about, go to:


I noticed there was one .ca domain sale in the latest report.  -  $1,250  sold at Sedo


Other recent news that most have heard about, is that Adam Dicker at has launched .  This is a new domain sales site where you can list your domains for sale.  Instead of charging a commission based on the sales price, members pay a fixed membership fee per year.  No matter how many names you sell, the annual fee is fixed.  First Frank Schilling started a new PPC service that pays domainers more, and now a new sales site made by a domainer.  It is great to see sites like this run by people in the domaining world.


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