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MyID announces Marketplace for .CA domains - As I've noted in recent postings, the .ca newsfront has been very slow in recent months. Today there was an interesting TBR drop with at least two great domains, and

In addition to this, I received an email from MyID about a new .ca Marketplace they are launching. There are many components to this marketplace with different auctions and sales venues.

They are also looking for 10 beta testers to try out the system, if you're interested contact MyID at

I've decided to re-post the email here and let everyone read it for themselves.


As you alll know, had its first auction of existing .ca domains in May 2008, almost 18 months ago. We were the pioneers in having the first auction platform dedicated to a cc tld and a motivation to many others that followed suits. In addition, we always stressed security and made it our an integral part of our operation. We actually implemented our authentication process before anyone else and others have since followed suit.

Since then, hundreds have been authenticated through our system and we currently enjoy 100% success rate without a single instance of any domain investor parting with their domain and not getting paid and not a single buyer parting with their funds and not getting their domain. We were adamant in our authentication process and weeded out those that we felt should not be part of our secure system and its community of users.

Throughout these last 18 months, we got to know all those that used our platform. We streamlined our operations and managed tens of thousands of domain submissions without a single incident or technical issue. We ran numerous types of auctions, some public, others private, some with a variable range of reserves and others with fixed ones. We experimented with auctions of different themes, durations, and ending time and even had once an auction that ended at 9 pm.

And we always, always reached out to our users and asked for feedback and their input as to how we can improve and serve their needs better. And we always listened. As a matter of fact, most of the variety in the auctions we ran, including the 9pm end time was influenced to a variable degree by the feedback from our users.

Fast forward to November 2009.

We are proud to announce the pending release of a comprehensive marketplace dedicated to dot ca domains. This is a very involved system that will allow dot ca owners to effectively market their domains and significantly improve the likelihood of end users finding the dot ca domains they want.

This system which we have been working on for many many months now will bring tremendous features while staying true to our dedication to a secure and fraud-free place.

There will be four main components in this new system:

A) Domains for Sale:

This will host tens of thousands of dot ca domains that are available for sale. Each would have a fixed price, BIN, or a 'Make offer'. All domains listed would be by authenticated sellers and all offers made would be by authenticated buyers. We expect to retain our record of legitimate transactions where each offer made is irreversible and irrevocable and placed by a serious buyer that intends to follow through.

B) Do Not Release:

This would allow domain owners to list their soon to be released domains for sale and gauge whether any would be sold before TBR date. Domain inventory would be updated each day at the same time to allow users a fair chance of getting the domains they may be interested in. This should give domain investors one final chance to monetize the domains they are planning to not renew.

C) MyID Bulk:

This is a registrar dedicated to domain investors with features that would undoubtedly significantly reduce the registration and renewal cost and domain management time. Features we have planned will take the domain investor registrar experience to a whole new level including a great interface, comprehensive bulk management features, detailed security, and excellent support.

D) MyID Auctions:

These will take place regularly but there will be a significant change in what domains get listed. In contradiction to the earlier auctions, only domains that have received offers through the domain marketplace will be included. This should translate to a much higher rate of sales and better use of everyone's time resources.

E) Rent an Auction:

We will allow individual domain owners to rent our platform and have dedicated auctions for their domains only.

F) TBR with steroids:

An upcoming TBR service that raises the bar for all engaged in TBR registrations. Trust us when we say that this will be like nothing you have seen so far from any current TBR service.

All the above will share the following:

1) Authentication will be required but the process is now simpler while still secure.

a) Getting authenticated to one service will translate to being authenticated to all. So all those that are already authenticated for our auctions, are already authenticated for the rest.

b) The authentication process used to be simple but is now much much simpler. There is no more need to fax or scan any credit cards. Details will be released soon.

B) No more need to return any seller or buyer agreements: The seller and buyer agreements are now streamlined and can be completed online without the need to fax or scan anything. This should tremendously decrease the handling time previously required of frequent users.

C) A comprehensive frequent seller program:

The more you sell domains on MyID Auctions, Do Not Release, and dot ca marketplace, the lower your commission will be. The way we look at it is there was a significant cost incurred in creating this marketplace and recurrent expense to manage it. This naturally will be covered by our proceeds from the sales occurring on these platforms. So the more income we make from a particular user, the more that user has helped us recoup our investment and thus the more discounts and special treatment this user deserves. And we do it all in a public and very transparent fashion so that one can always tell what it would take to get to a lower commission level. And once a seller reaches a lower commission level, they can never go back to a higher rate. So the frequent seller benefits are cumulative and even a 4% commission is within reach.

D) An elaborate affiliate program with significant rewards to those that refer new users to us.

In preparation for our imminent release, we are seeking beta testers to test drive our system and uncover any bugs prior to releasing it publically. Should you be interested, please contact us at ASAP and let us know that you would like to be a beta tester.

There are only 10 spots available and they will likely fill up soon so act fast.

Here's to more ways for you to market and sell your domains Dot Ca Marketplace Team


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