Friday, August 14, 2009

Godaddy Introduces Twitter Integration - I am sure most of you with Godaddy accounts have noticed the Twitter link when you log in to your domain management. There is a link that encourages you to join Twitter and get your domain name as a Twitter username. What I wonder is, what is in this for Godaddy? What kind of deal have Twitter and Godaddy reached?

Perhaps it's no big deal, but if I were Twitter management I'd love to have my link shown in every account at the largest registrar in the world. This must be getting them a lot of new users and exposure.

On another note, getting a Twitter username for each of your domains would be overkill if you own hundreds or thousands of domains. But if you owned, say, 10 city name domains with websites, you might want a Twitter account for each of them to tweet about the city news and help drive traffic to your site.

From Godaddy's latest newsletter:

There's an easy, new way to see if your domain is available as a Twitter user name. Now, when you log into the Go Daddy domain manager, you'll see a Twitter icon next to each of your domains – simply click it to check if that domain is available as a user name on Twitter. It's a fast, easy way to join the hottest trend on the Web.


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