Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Experience with DomainNameSales Platform in 2013


I started listing the majority of my domains on the DomainNameSales.com platform last October.  Since January, I've had inquiries on about 10 domains.  Haven't had a sale yet, but usually an inquiry comes in on average about every two weeks.  The exception to this was April, which was an incredibly slow month.  But then in the past week, I had two inquiries on separate domains, about 3 days apart.  So it is quite variable, and you never know when the tri-tone sound on your smartphone will go off and alert you to an inquiry, which is part of the excitement.

Some of my observations about my DNS platform experience, as we are almost halfway through 2013.

- I enjoy checking my parking stats each morning, to see which domains have had visits the previous day.  About 10% of my parked domains are visited each day, and it is never the same 10%, though some definitely get more traffic than others on a monthly basis.

- I don't park all my domains, but the ones I do park are at DNS, and I do list all my domains on there even if they aren't parked.  The domains I use for mini-sites or webpages I've built have a link to their DNS sales page.  Some domains I link to my own personal webform for offers, and I still get offers coming through on those.  I just do that for some domains I'd like to deal with personally, and to keep up my own negotiating skills.

- I still list domains on Sedo, though I rarely get offers coming through there.  I did have one offer come in about two weeks ago on a one word french .co for 850 Euro, which I didn't accept.  I also had another offer come in through Afternic on a .mobi, which the person later said they bid on by accident.  The weirdest things can happen in domain negotiations!

- The DNS interaction with domain owner, broker and buyer is great.  Most of the offers for my domains have come from buyers who had a similar domain, or a business related to the domain, or the domain was an acronym for their business.  They usually provide their name, email and contact number, so you can search for information on who the buyer is.  The broker emails to buyers have been very professional, and the brokers follow up for you.  It's great to know this is all going on behind the scenes, while you are doing other things.

- I've had offers come in for all kinds of extensions, such as .com, .ca, .es, .in, .co.  Inquiries have come from  Canada, the US, Spain, England, France, Brazil and India.

- Most of the offers have been in the $250 to $1500 range, but so far not close enough for what I'd like to sell for.  For me, $1500 might be enough for one domain, but not another.  DNS regularly closes four and five figure domain sales, and like others who list at DNS, I'm hoping some of that magic will rub off on me.  I know not all of my domains can sell for five figures, but I believe I have some that can.  Having access to brokers who have closed high figure sales can only benefit you.

Overall, I'd say my experience with DNS has been great so far.  I know that the more inquiries you get, the more chance you have to make a sale.  Each inquiry brings you closer to a sale, just like the salesman who knows that every 'No' brings him closer to that person who will say 'Yes'.  The platform does provide a smooth process for a buyer and seller to interact, whether a sale is completed or not.  Using an experienced broker gives a professional, non-emotional face to your side of the negotiation.

The domain market continues to do well, perhaps due in part to a rising stock market, and also global Internet expansion and technological advances that require more people and businesses to operate on a domain name.  I plan to keep using DNS and will post on the sales process when I do complete a sale.

If you list on the DNS platform, how has your 2013 been so far?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with DNS platform. I joined them at similar time of yours. Sold a domain for mid four figs. It was a very smooth transaction. I just love DNS platform and here I receive more inquiries compare to any other parking companies I tried in the past.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience with DNS.


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