Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Click here to Buy this Domain" - Which Sales Header Works Best?


When you sell a domain name on one of the domain aftermarket sites, or on your own webpage, it's nice to include a link that states the domain is available for sale.  If the person is visiting the domain with an intent to acquire it, they then have a link to click for more information.  Including such a header link on a domain's page makes it clear the domain is available for sale.

Some aftermarket sites have a default link, but others such as DNS allow you to modify the link to make it say what you want.  I've heard that DNS tests different text and background colors for these header links, to see if some work better than others.

Some examples of different 'domain for sale' header links I quickly found today are:

Click here to buy DomainName.com for your website name!

The domain AwesomeDomain.com is for sale.  To purchase, call 800-555-5500 or Click here to make an offer

Are you interested in this domain name?  Click here

This domain name may be available for sale or lease, Click here to Inquire

This domain has recently been listed in the marketplace at domainnamesales.com Click here to inquire

This domain has recently been listed in the marketplace at domainnamesales.com.  Click here to inquire or call 1-555-555-0000

Instead of just offering a domain for sale, some sellers have also started adding that the domain is available to Lease, or for a Joint Venture.  Some headers even include a phone number contact.

Personally, I prefer a short message that clearly states the domain is available for sale, along with a call to action term like "Click here" that is linked to a page where a person can submit an offer and their contact info.

Which domain sales headers do you use, and what do you find works best?

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  1. For me is an easy philosophical question. Is like asking who would you like to set the price. If you are not sure about the theory that sustains your price, why did you get into this domain. Always set the price, unless buyer presents a theory otherwise. Remember is a zero sum game.


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