Saturday, May 5, 2012

If you missed the .CA News...

It's a terrible thing when a blog feed doesn't update.

Since April 18 my feedburner feed for this blog had not been updating.  I do a few other blogs on Blogger (unrelated to domaining) and those feeds seemed to be working fine.  I checked the settings in my Blogger account and everything seemed to be ok.  Today I changed one of the settings to 'short' version, which means only the first few sentences of a blog post would show up in the feed.  Lo and behold, the feedburner feed updated.  Sometimes with technology, when you don't know what the problem is, you just have to try a few things until it works again!

I've linked to my last few blog posts since the feed stopped updating.  These posts show the .ca Drop results for the past few weeks, plus there are a few reported .ca domain sales in there as well.

If you want to catch up on some .ca news, go right ahead!

TBR dropping .ca results May 2

TBR dropping .ca results April 25

TBR dropping .ca results April 18


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