Monday, April 18, 2011

.CA Domain Name Promo Video

Last week I received an email newsletter from CIRA, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority.  Along with some regular member news items, there was a promo video included that is being used to promote the .ca country code extension.

To see the video, go here:

Not a bad effort and this is the kind of thing that other country code authorities could be doing to help promote their own country codes.  The video today only had just under 1,000 views, and I'm not sure if they plan to use it on tv or anywhere else.  It runs almost two minutes so would have to be cut down for a tv commercial.

As a .ca investor I like to see these kinds of initiatives to help promote the extension's use and recognition, which is already fairly high in Canada.



  1. Just watched the vid it really needs to speak to Canadian industry about the marketing value of the dot ca's geo potential but they did a good job on the Canadian brand idea Canadian companies
    stil think they need the dot com to compete in canada but with geo targeting in search they really need the dot ca.

  2. Branding localy is very important ..

    So if you target Canada having a .ca domain is important ..


Thank you!