Wednesday, December 1, 2010

.CA TBR tries again Today, sale

It's now been almost a week since CIRA cancelled the last TBR .ca domain drop results.

Last week's TBR went through fine from CIRA's end, however CIRA spent some time afterwards reviewing the process.  Following this review, CIRA claimed there was confusion from some registrars about participating in the TBR based on information that CIRA had provided.  These registrars therefore didn't catch any names, and so CIRA decided it was not a fair process and cancelled the results.  The TBR was rescheduled to today, Dec. 1, and hopefully this time it will go through.

There has been a firestorm of discussion in domain forum threads, wondering if it was just one main registrar company affected, or many different (unrelated) ones.  CIRA claims that it cannot identifiy which specific registrars were affected, only that it may have been 3 to 7.  It's well known that larger registrar companies create many smaller registrars under their umbrella in order to have a better chance at catching dropping .ca domains.  While many people still have suspicions, there is unfortunately no concrete evidence about what really happened and which registrars were affected.  Some of the registrars that were successful in catching dropping domains last week claimed they couldn't see how a registrar would have had problems.

As for recent .ca domain sales, posted one sale last week in their weekly sales report. -  sold for $4,068 US

It looks like this domain was sold to Janssen-Ortho Inc., a healthcare company that already has a website up for this domain.

There will be another sales report out from DNJournal today.  I also expect to see a lot of .ca auctions from the 32,000 + domains that are dropping today.

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