Wednesday, November 24, 2010

.CA TBR goes today, and

After the last few once-weekly .ca domain drops (called TBR's, to be released) were cancelled, the dropped .ca domains have continued to pile up and should all be released today.  There are just over 32,000 domains dropping.  Registrars who try to catch these domains have had to set up special interfaces to allow hopeful domainers to better sort through the list - using features such as search by first letter, 3 character, etc.  Most weekly domain drops usually have 4,000 or so names in them.  Last week's attempted TBR was cancelled at the last minute.  We are all wondering if today's TBR will actually go ahead, there is even a poll set up at where you can vote yes or no on whether you think it will take place.

In the midst of this TBR conundrum, a new .ca registrar has started up - is run by a longtime poster at DNForum, Jason Brumwell.  They have an opening special on right now.  The next 300 customers get a promotional rate of $0.99 on new or transfered .ca domains.  If you or someone you know owns a .ca domain, you can take advantage of this offer and save $10 (they do take paypal).  I don't know many domainers who can pass up a 99 cent offer, and you get to test drive a new registrar.  I'm sure they have many exciting promotions and features in the works, and wish them best of luck with their new venture!  I did take advantage of their special and registered a domain I had dropped not long ago, but wanted to have back,

Also of note is the new TBR system.  I have used MyID in the past to buy and sell .ca domains in their auctions, and have some names listed currently in their .ca Marketplace.  The new TBR system just launched in the last couple weeks.  It has the best sorting system I've seen, you can search .ca domains on the drop list by keyword, 3 characters, 4 characters, first letter and on.  If you have certain keywords you are always looking for, this is by far the fastest way I've seen to find them.  Especially this week with over 32,000 names.  I don't know how many of my domains they will catch, and I guess that is really what it comes down to.  Another nice feature is that the minimum bid on any domain is only $12.  If there are multiple bidders on a name, the highest bid gets it unless the bid hits $60.  If two or more people bid $60 the domain goes to auction where only those bidders can participate.  I also have to say that MyID has given some nice email updates on what has been happening with the weekly TBR's, and their new system.

I can't finish the TBR topic without noting that Sibername has always done well for me.  They catch a good number of domains I try to get, and many at their $35 minimum.  They adjusted their TBR interface this week to allow a search by first letter, which was good.  I hope they continue adding to this search feature.

Good luck everyone in today's TBR.  Really hoping it works this time!

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