Monday, June 16, 2008

The Domain Game book has arrived

I came back from being away last week and my copy of "the Domain Game" by David Kesmodel was waiting in my mail pile.

I think this is a book that would appeal to anyone who is into domaining. I am only part way through the book (only putting it down when I have to do something else, otherwise I'd read it straight through), but so far it has given great details of how people like Scott Day, Garry Chernoff, Rick Schwartz, Marc Ostrofsky, Yun Ye and others started out. I am at the part now that starts to cover Yun Ye.

It's interesting to read how the registration system started up (from domains being free to $100 a pop), domaining before there was pay per click, NetSolutions not invoicing for weeks, confusion on how and when domains dropped, and all the other details of how 'domaining' started. And to think I was visiting Penticton a few times a year in the late 90's, at the time Garry Chernoff started domaining, makes me wish I had bumped into him and got some pointers on the domain market!

I'll give another update when I've finished the book, but if you want to get a copy here is the info.

Author's webpage for the book:

To order the book, go to the Xlibris site, you can read an excerpt from the book as well.

I don't think this book is mainstream enough to be in Amazon or Chapters yet, but it's worth a look. It could be a hit, because many people love rags to riches type stories, and I think the subject matter of making it big appeals to a lot of people, no matter what the industry.

I also wouldn't be surprised if a movie was made about the early days of domaining, but that might be 5 to 10 years off.

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