Friday, February 15, 2008

.CA domains mentioned in Sedo Feb. newsletter

Just received my February 2008 Sedo newsletter, and the feature article is a spot on .ca domain names and their growth (by Monica Ibrahim). It's too long to post here, but a few highlights are:

"One thing is for certain, the demand for quality .CA domains will continue to grow." He couldn′t have been more on target as we continue to see demand for the extension increase from year to year.

The overall availability and affordability of the .CA Top Level Domain (TLD) are among the top desirability factors. With almost one million .CA domains registered to date, the relatively low price of $9.95 a year for registration costs and affordable website hosting costs, more and more people are hopping aboard the .CA train.

If you find yourself traveling through Canada, you’re bound to see countless advertisements on highway billboards boasting a .CA domain.

Presently, when acquiring a generic one word .COM, it has the potential of costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. It makes the most economical sense for Canadian companies hoping to stay competitive to brand their businesses around the .CA.

Nowadays, the likelihood of interacting with a business or individual in Canada electing to use the .COM over the .CA is slim to none.

There′s also a trust element involved. Canadian citizens are less prone to fear working with a multinational using the .CA TLD and are more inclined to buy from them, knowing full-well that the business is most likely located in Canada.

Currently, there are over 18,000 .CA domains listed for sale in our marketplace.

Prospective domain buyers will need a Canadian presence in order to own a .CA domain.

With the recent push by NetFirms to register more domains with the extension, the possibility of registering millions more two or three word premium domains, and the relative ease in transferring .CA domains in Sedo’s marketplace, the future of .CA domains is only looking brighter.


You can sign up for Sedo's newsletter here. Couldn't find a link on their site to their newsletters though.


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