Monday, February 4, 2008 hacked today

Had an email from a friend who follows news on websites that get hacked, or 'taken over' by an outside person or group. A popular adult video site, called RedTube, was hacked today by an outfit calling themselves NetDevilz. This group apparently doesn't like adult sites, and they went after one of the biggest ones. It's funny because I'd heard in a forum recently about this domain except with a .ca extension, and that it gets traffic. People mistakenly add in .ca to the end instead of .com. This sometimes happens when there is so much traffic to a website, a percentage of the people will type in the domain name incorrectly. Because .ca is so popular in Canada, Canadians will absent-mindedly type in a .ca at the end even if it's a .com site they want to get to.


Thank you!