Sunday, November 18, 2012 sells for $14,000 + more .CA sales

This past week's sales report was chock full of .ca domain sales, which is how we like to see it!

The bulk of these sales came from a Moniker/Snapnames premium .ca auction which took place in the past month.  I hadn't seen the auction on the closing day, so missed the final prices.  DNJournal revealed some of those prices this week.

.CA domain sales reported in the past week were:  -  $14,000  -  $11,001  -  $11,000  -  $7,000  -  $7,000  -  $1,400  -  private sale

In a sale I just noticed dated Nov 16,  sold at DomainNameSales for a range of $20,000 to $50,000.  Hopefully this one makes it to DNJournal in order to see the final price.

Though domainer auctions can sometimes be tough, this one showed that there is still demand for short and generic .ca domains in the high four to five figure price range.

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  1. More great .ca sales. It would be great if cira would open up the registry to everyone, in and outside Canada. imo It would increase the use of the extension. Canadians have had more than enough time to get the name they wanted. Let everyone have a chance, even business's that want to provide services/products to Canadians that are located outside of Canada. It would be an affordable "test" to see if their product or service was wanted/needed in this country without setting up a brick and mortar shop. ????


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